2016-2017 General Knowledge (JPA Inspection)
 I.        Basic Knowledge
   1. Q: What does JROTC stand for?        
           A: Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

    2. Q: What does the acronym JPA stand for?  
            A: Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Program for Accreditation

    3. Q: What are the three levels of designation that JROTC units can earn during the JPA?
             A: Unsatisfactory, Proficient, Honor Unit with Distinction

    4. Q: What does LET stand for?       
            A: Leadership Education and Training

    5. Q: What does JCLC stand for?     
            A: JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge 
    6.  Q: What does SAI stand for?        
             A: Senior Army Instructor
    7.  Q: What does AI stand for?          
             A: Army Instructor
    8. Q: What is the mission of JROTC?   
            A: To motivate young people to become better citizens.
    9. Q: What is the key to success in JROTC?
            A: The key to success in JROTC is teamwork.
 II.         Leadership

   9.  Q: What is the definition of leadership?      
            A: The ability to influence subordinates in order to accomplish a mission.
  10. Q: What are the three leadership styles? Explain each.
            A: Delegating – Giving decision making authority to subordinates.
                 Participating – Involving subordinates in the decision making process.
                 Directing – Instructing subordinates.

  11.  Q: What are the seven Army values?
            A: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity Personal Courage, 
  12. Q: Define Teamwork
            A: The cooperative effort on the part of a number of people working together to achieve a goal.

 III.        Drill and Ceremony

   12.  Q: What are the two parts of a command?   
             A: Preparatory command and command of execution.
   13.  Q: What foot do you call the command Rear, March on?       
             A: The right foot.
   14.  Q: On which foot can you give command of halt?     
             A: Either foot.
   15.  Q: What is normal cadence?    
             A: 120 steps per minute.
 IV.        Map Reading

   16.  Q: How do you read a military map?          
              A: Right and up

   17.  Q: What are the five basic colors on a military map and what do they represent?
               A: Five basic colors
                       Blue - Water
                       Green – Vegetation
                        Brown – Contour lines/Elevation
                        Black – Man-made objects
                        Red – Major roads and other man-made objects

   18.  Q: Name the five major terrain features on a military map?
              A: Hill, Saddle, Valley, Ridge, and Depression.
   19.  Q: What are the three types of north on a military map?            
              A: True, Grid and Magnetic.

 V.         First Aid and Health 

   20.  Q: Define first aid
              A: The immediate medical care given to an accident victim before professional medical help arrives.
   21.  Q: What are the four life savings steps?
              A:        Check for and clear a blocked airway and restore breathing.
                        Check for bleeding
                        Check and treat for shock
                        Dress and bandage the wound

VI.        Chain of Command

   22.  Q: Who is the ________________?

              Commander-In-Chief – President Donald Trump
              Secretary of Defense – Honorable James Mattis
             Secretary of Army – Honorable Mark T. Esper
              Chief of Staff of Army -- General Mark A. Milley
              Sergeant Major of the Army -- SMA Daniel A. Dailey                
            Commanding General, TRADOC – General Stephen J. Townsend      
              Command Sergeant Major TRADOC -- CSM Timothy A. Guden
            Commanding General, Cadet Command – Major General John R. Evans Jr.
              Command Sergeant Major, Cadet Command – CSM Kenneth J. Kraus Jr.
            Commander, 2nd Brigade ROTC – Colonel Matthew Rausher                            
              Command Sergeant Major, 2nd Brigade ROTC – CSM Robert G. Russell
            Director. U.S Army JROTC  - Colonel Michael Stinnett
   23.  Q: What are the three branches of the government?      
           A: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

VII.       American History and Citizenship

   24.  Q: Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?      
              A: Francis Scott Key

   25.  Q: What do the colors on the United States flag represent?
              A: Blue –Justice     White – Purity       Red - Valor

   26.  Q: What do the 13 stripes on the United States flag represent?
              A: The 13 original colonies.

   27.  Q: What are the three types of American flags and which one is the largest?
              A: Post, Storm and Garrison; Garrison is the largest.
VIII.      Military Customs and Courtesies

   28.  Q: Explain the origination of the HAND SALUTE.
             A: Ages ago, the salute was a greeting that indicated you were not holding a weapon in your hand.
                 Today, it is a way to show respect.

   29.  Q: Name the five basic staff positions found in most large military organizations.
             A:            S-1: Administrative                                      
                             S-2: Information/Security
                             S-3: Operations and Training           
                             S-4: Logistics/Supply
                             S-5: Public Information

   30.  Q: What is the meant by position of honor?
             A: A military courtesy of usually keeping seniors to your right while walking or sitting.


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I am an Army Junior ROTC Cadet.

I will always conduct myself to bring credit to my family, country, school and corps of cadets.

I am loyal and patriotic. I am the future of the United States of America.

I do not lie, cheat or steal and will always be accountable for my actions and deeds.

I willl always practice good citizenship and patriotism.

I will work hard to improve my mind and strengthen my body.

I will seek the mantle of leadership and stand prepared to uphold the constitution and the American way of life.

May god grant me the strength to always live by this creed.